Jul 9, 2020

NASCAR Racing by Papyrus (1993) - Play with a modern racing wheel!

NASCAR Racing by Papyrus (1993) With a Modern PC and a Racing Wheel!

When NASCAR Racing originally came out in 1993 no one had racing wheels. Now that we have travelled in time all the way to year 2020 it's time to play this game properly with wheel and pedals and gorgeous SVGA graphics! It's quite straight forward, here's a brief tutorial on how.

Posted by: Ted Meat

1. Look how fun it is:

2. Download NASCAR Racing

Of course first you have to get the game. Note that you'll need the CD Rom version of the game if you want to play in SuperVGA. And you do, because the plain VGA looks absolutely horrible.

You can download the correct version from here.

Unzip the folder somewhere. For example let's say to d:\nascar\

3. Download and Configure DOSBox

I myself use DOSBox ECE because it seems to work better with a wheel. You can also use the conventional DOSBox.

After installing DOSBox open the DOSBox config-file at c:\users\your username\AppData\Local\DOSBox

Find [joystick] settings. Here's how mine is set up:

joysticktype = auto
timed = true
autofire = false
swap34 = false
buttonwrap = false
circularinput = false
deadzone = 0

If the joystick calibration in game is jittery, experiment with the "timed" setting and change it to "false".

4. Racing Wheel Settings

Open the control panel of your wheel. Make sure you pedal axes are combined and auto-center settings come from the wheel instead of the game. Set wheel lock to 360 degrees. I have a Thrustmaster wheel and here's how my settings look like:


5. Configure Stick Shifter (Optional)

Of course you can't have H-pattern shifting or use a clutch since the game doesn't support them but you can use your stick shifter as a sequential semi-automatic shifter. Brings a little bit of extra immersion imo.

For this you have to open DOSBox mapper by starting DOSBox and pressing CTRL-F1 or by typing -startmapper on to the command line.

Then from the mapper try find out which joystick buttons are the flappy paddle shifters of your wheel for shifting up and down. Then choose the one for shifting up and click "add" to bind another button and move your stick shifter into the direction you want it to shift up. Then do the same for shifting down. Then click "save" and exit the mapper.

6. Start NASCAR Racing

In the DOSBox command prompt mount the location of your NASCAR Racing to a drive. Let's say you extracted the game into location "d:\nascar\" and we want to use drive "e": type "mount e d:\nascar" into the command prompt.

Then go to the drive you just mounted by typing e:

Start NASCAR Racing by typing "nascar". You should calibrate your wheel in game before driving.

Your control settings should look something like this:



You should be good to go!

This post is updated if i notice I've forgotten something or if and when someone points out some issues with the game. Hope it works out for you!

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Johnny Bifoutre
I am trying to make this work with my G25 wheel... Does'nt want to respond properly ! I tried everything. This must be not equal between all wheel brands I think. I was playing the CD version with an autoexec configuration but it was implemented with DOSBox v0.74 so I managed to swap with the DOSBox ECE so I do not have to do all the "typing" thing everytime. Even with that difference no way this could make the set up not working !