Jan 7, 2020

Indianapolis 500: The Simulation (Papyrus, 1989, DOS) - With a Racing Wheel!

How to Play Indianapolis 500 With a Modern Steering Wheel

The first surprise with the Papyrus Indy 500 was that I actually got it to work with my wheel. The second surprise was that it's absolutely BRILLIANT! Here's a little tutorial on how I got it to work. If you have a different wheel you might have to experiment with the settings.

Posted by: Ted Meat

With these settings I got my Thrustmaster racing wheel work perfectly with the game. However pedals don't really work at all. However you can use them by mapping them to replace accelerate/brake keys but of course they will be on/off controls. It doesn't matter a lot since you'll be running with your foot down most of the time.

So what you need is a computer, DOSBox, a steering wheel and of course a copy of Indianapolis 500.

First of all you have to edit your wheel settings in Windows. Open Logitech Profiler or Thrustmaster Control panel (or whatever wheel you have) and make sure you have the following options selected:

  • Axes should be combined
  • Wheel range 200 degrees or so (this is a matter of taste, 200 works for me)

That should be it for the wheel settings.

Now let's edit the DOSBox configuration file at: c: -> users -> Username -> AppData -> Local -> DOSBox.

Find the joystick settings and make sure they look like this:


Next we'll fire up DOSBox and map the pedals so you can use them instead of keys. Open DOSBox and press ctrl+f1 to open the mapper. Choose "8" (throttle in Indycar 500) from the numpad, then click "Add" and press the throttle pedal. Then choose "5"  (brake in Indycar 500) from the numpad, click "Add" and press the brake pedal. Then click "save" and exit the mapper. 

That should be it! If everything goes as planned you should get something like this:


Hope it works for you but if not just experiment with the settings and I'm sure you'll eventually get it!

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