Jan 19, 2022

Car setups for NASCAR Racing by Papyrus

NASCAR Racing 1 (Papyrus 1994) Car Setups

As promised, here are car setups I've created for NASCAR Racing. It's work in process, so setups will be added here as I move on with my hardcore season on YouTube. 

Posted by: Ted Meat

I race full distance races in NR live on YouTube. That means the setups are created with tire wear in mind because that's a critical factor in 100% races. So if you do short races you might want to be a bit more aggressive with the setups for some extra speed.

I race with 100% AI difficulty so that is your reference point when I say I had P10 or something in qualifying or P4 etc in a race.

Car Setup for Atlanta: DOWNLOAD

To be honest this was not the best setup ever although it was relatively competitive. Managed to do 172,2 mph in qualifying and got P14. In race it would have been pretty good and I was able to keep up with the leaders but I got involved in a big crash that ruined my race. 

Check out the race here: https://youtu.be/9hsZxQ28JZI

Car Setup for Darlington: DOWNLOAD

This was a winning setup for sure. Did 172.717 mph in qualifying and got P9. In race I had a few incidents as you usually do but was very competitive and felt I had the fastest car. I would have won the race without a poorly timed pit stop in the end but still managed to get P4 in the end. 

Was a great race and you can watch it here: https://youtu.be/ftrUsv9XCPw

Car Setup for Bristol: DOWNLOAD

A very good setup for full a full distance race. Very easy on the tires which is important for Bristol. Also plenty fast enough, although the AI does struggle with traffic in this track. 

My qualifying lap was not very good and got P10. In race I had the fastest car even in clean air although my driving was not always very clean. Was leading the race with a healthy margin until... Well. See for yourself: 


Car Setup for Martinsville: DOWNLOAD

Haven't raced here yet but I did setup the car during a YouTube stream and the setup should be pretty usable. It's easy on then tires and (at least based on practice) very competitive as well. In a practice session I got 96,935 mph which was the fastest lap of the session. I'll see if there's a need to update the setup before I do the actual race on YouTube.


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