Jun 28, 2019

Grand Prix 4 With a Triple Monitor Setup

Tutorial on how to play GP4 with a tripple monitor setup

GP4 with three monitors and 1440p resolution? Yes it works and it looks awesome!


Posted by: Ted Meat

This game looks absolutely amazing with a triple monitor setup and 1440p resolution!

Here's how the gameplay looks like:

Let's see how to do it.

First of all you obviously need Grand Prix 4 installed on your computer. You should Patch the game to 1.02 and install the nocd patch in order for the editor programs to work. You'll find all you need and more from https://www.grandprixgames.org/

Video card settings

At first you'll have to "combine" your three monitors to work as one big one. For all the simracers who have used a three monitor setup this is business as usual so skip this if you already know how to do it.

These instructions are for NVIDIA-cards but I'm sure it's quite easy to do with ATI cards as well, just google it.

Normally your monitors are treated as three independent monitors and playing a game full screen only fills one of the screens. For a triple setup we'll have to span displays with surround. 

  1. Right click at the desktop
  2. Select NVIDIA Control Panel
  3. Select "Configure Surround, PhysX
  4. Select "Span displays with Surround"
  5. Apply

And there we go, the desktop should now be spanned on three monitors. You just might have to change the order of the monitors depending on your setup.


Game Settings

Go to your GP4 folder and find a file called "f1graphics.cfg". Open the file with Notepad. You now have to edit the three first lines as follows:


So the value on the first line should be "1", value on the second line your horizontal resolution and value on the third line vertical resolution.

Be sure to set up the correct resolution! This has to be the same resolution you have on your desktop. I didn't get this to work with any other resolutions (for example my three monitor resolution is 7680x1440. If I try 1080p resolution it doesn't work)

And you're good to go! Start the game. If the menus look horrible and monitors are flickering you've pulled it off! Don't worry, the gameplay will look awesome once you'll manage to navigate there through the awful menus. The only problem is you'll have to set-up your car etc in advance, the menus on triples are too bad for it. I've hear you can modify the fonts to make it better but haven't looked into that yet.

Should you have any comments / questions / tips, please leave a comment. I'll improve this guide when I get more information (about the menus for example).

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